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On 24 February 2022, the full-scale Russian invasion brought war to all of Ukraine. Hooligan Art Community’s work was disassembled overnight and its artists displaced. In May 2022 the company came together remotely from Germany where some of them had fled to, and from the bunkers in Kyiv where some sought safety -  to create bold new performances in extraordinary circumstances. Bunker Cabaret brings together music, poetry, dance and film in a powerful exploration of love versus totalitarianism, and the personal conflicts of making art in a time of war.

BUNKER CABARET is a new performance by Hooligan Art Community that started life in the bomb shelters of Kyiv.

 By turns ironic, raw, funny and devastating, the performance starkly reveals the artists’ individual experiences of the war while communicating a shared humanity, creating beautiful moments of connection between artists and audiences

BUNKER CABARET – Written and devised by Hooligan Art Community

Performer - Mirra Zhuchkova

Performer - Sam Kyslyi

Performer - Danylo Shramenko

Lighting designer - Natalka Perchyshyna

Video artist - Liubov Sliusareva

Costume designer - Paul Kuraksin

Movement and Dramaturgical Consultant - Mathis Kleinschnittger

Director - Peter Cant

The UK tour is co-produced by Hooligan Art Community and Mahogany Opera in collaboration with Andrea Ferran and imPOSSIBLE Producing. Bunker Cabaret was developed with support from Britten Pears Arts, 101 Outdoor Arts, Volta International Festival and Somerset House Exchange and funded by Urgent Action Fund and crowdfunding support. The 2023 UK tour is produced as part of the UK/Ukraine Season of Culture supported by the British Council, Ukrainian Institute with additional funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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